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Iyer, Pico: The Half Known Life

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780593543962
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER From one of the most soulful and perceptive writers of our time (Brain Pickings): a journey through competing ideas of paradise to see how we can live more peacefully in an ever more…
Keltner, Dacher: Awe

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780593653012
Preis D/A: 19,00 € / 19,60

A National Bestseller!"Read this book to connect with your highest self. Susan Cain, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet and Quiet We need more awe in our lives, and Dacher Keltner has written…
Spiegel, Cyndie: Microjoys

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780593492222
Preis D/A: 15,00 € / 15,50

Bighearted and hopeful. Unflinchingly honest and healing. A profound compendium of intimate, inspiring essays and thoughtful prompts that will keep you afloat in difficult times and sustain you in the everyday.   Microjoys are a…