Riordan, Rick|Young, Ethan: 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones Graphic Novel

Verlag: Scholastic US
ISBN: 9781338803365
Altersempfehlung: von 8 - 12 J.
Reihenname: 39 Clues
Preis D/A: 13,00 € / 13,40

The graphic novel adaptation of the mega-bestseller that launched a global phenomenon!Minutes before she died Grace Cahill changed her will, leaving her decendants an impossible decision: "You have a choice - one million dollars or…
Rankin, Ian: A Heart Full of Headstones

Verlag: Orion Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781398709386
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

The brand new John Rebus thriller from the iconic Number One Bestseller - one of the must-read novels of the year.
Insight Editions: A History of Modern Manga

Verlag: Simon & Schuster US
ISBN: 9781647229146
Preis D/A: 40,00 € / 41,20

Discover the major events and artists who have shaped the history of modern manga, with this deluxe expanded volume.Amid reconstruction after World War II, Japan saw the emergence of modern manga, which quickly became a…
Wilkinson, Lili: A Hunger of Thorns

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780593650271
Altersempfehlung: ab 14 J.
Preis D/A: 11,00 € / 11,40

Be swept away by a lush, witchy tale about forbidden magic and missing girls who don't need handsome princes to rescue them. Perfect for fans of The Hazel Wood.Maude is the daughter of witches. She…
Lodge, Gytha: A Killer in the Family

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9780241471012
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

How far would a mother go to protect her sons? Pre-order the page-turning new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author now!Aisling's two sons, Ethan and Finn, mean everything to her.Ever since becoming estranged from…
Irwin, Sophie: A Ladys Guide To Fortune-Hunting

Verlag: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780008519568
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

Kitty Talbot needs a fortune. She’s got just twelve weeks to find a rich husband and save her sisters - and she must use every ounce of ingenuity she possesses to climb London society if…
Sadi, Natasja: A Sweet Floral Life

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9781984861641
Preis D/A: 35,00 € / 36,00

Learn how to create exquisite, lifelike sugar flowers and arrange them with fresh blooms in the floral arrangements of your dreams regardless of season or availability.Rising Instagram star Natasja Sadi's floral arrangements have a sumptuous,…
Roy, Ron: A to Z Mysteries Boxed Set: Every Mystery from A to Z!

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780593565384
Altersempfehlung: von 6 - 9 J.
Reihenname: A to Z Mysteries
Preis D/A: 181,70 € / 186,80

Give the gift of mystery with this complete collection boxed set filled with the beloved A to Z Mysteries® series that has inspired young readers for more than 25 years!Help Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose…
Faloyin, Dipo: Africa Is Not A Country

Verlag: Random House UK
ISBN: 9781529114829
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

'Hilarious, ferocious, generous and convincing. It made me reconsider almost everything I thought I knew about Africa.' Oliver BulloughAfrica Is Not A Country is a bright portrait of modern Africa that pushes back against harmful…
Keyes, Marian: Again, Rachel

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9781405945394
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

THE NO. 1 BESTSELLING BOOK THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT!EVERY GENERATION HAS ONE GREAT LOVE STORY. THIS IS OURS.______ Losing the love of your life once is tragic. TWICE looks like carelessness...Rachel Walsh is a…
Shah, Varsha: Ajay and the Jaipur Moon

Verlag: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 9781915026132
Altersempfehlung: von 9 - 12 J.
Reihenname: Frankie's World
Preis D/A: 10,30 € / 10,60

Ajays wish has come true hes a news reporter for the paper he and his friends set up, The Mumbai Sun. But money is tight, so when he learns of a cash prize for the…
Rusch, Elizabeth: All About Nothing

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9781623543525
Altersempfehlung: von 4 - 8 J.
Reihenname: All About Noticing
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

An artful picture-book exploration of negative space and the beauty of nothingness. This mindful meditation encourages children to see the world differently.Nothing is really something! What might be hidden in the space around things, and…
Mahmood, Imran: All I Said Was True

Verlag: Bloomsbury Trade
ISBN: 9781526647504
Preis D/A: 12,10 € / 12,50

Abe, Shana: An American Beauty

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9781496739421
Preis D/A: 17,00 € / 17,50

Amidst the opulent glamor and vicious social circles of Gilded Age New York, this stunning biographical historical novel by the New York Times bestselling author of The Second Mrs. Astor conjures the true rags-to-riches story…
Montefiore, Santa: An Italian Girl in Brooklyn

Verlag: Simon & Schuster UK
ISBN: 9781471197109
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

Al-Nakib, Mai: An Unlasting Home

Verlag: Saqi
ISBN: 9780863569272
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

At once intimate and sweeping, personal and political An Unlasting Home is an unforgettable family portrait and a spellbinding epic tale.
Beer, Julie: Animal FACTopia!: Follow the Trail of 400 Beastly Facts

Verlag: Bounce Marketing
ISBN: 9781913750725
Altersempfehlung: ab 8 J.
Preis D/A: 14,10 € / 14,50

Love, Ryan: Arthur And Teddy Are Coming Out

Verlag: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780008541217
Preis D/A: 16,70 € / 17,20

79-year-old Arthur gathers his family together to share some important news: he's gay, and after a lifetime in the closet, he's ready to come out. Arthur's 21-year-old grandson, Teddy, is also gay, but he doesn't…
Saint, Jennifer: Atalanta

Verlag: Headline
ISBN: 9781472292162
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

The heroic story of the only female Argonaut, told by Jennifer Saint, the bestselling author of ELEKTRA (UK, Sunday Times, May 2022) and ARIADNE (UK, Sunday Times, April 2021).
Herron, Mick: Bad Actors

Verlag: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 9781529378726
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

The eighth book in the critically acclaimed and bestselling Slough House THRILLER series by Mick Herron, who has been called 'Britain's finest living thriller writer' [Sunday Express]
Winter, Tamsin: Bad Influence

Verlag: Usborne Publishing
ISBN: 9781474979078
Altersempfehlung: ab 11 J.
Preis D/A: 10,30 € / 10,60

Ramqvist, Karolina: Bear Woman

Verlag: Bonnier Books UK
ISBN: 9781786580597
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

A memoir of myth, motherhood and hidden history
Brouwers, Fred: Beethoven in the Bunker

Verlag: Other Press
ISBN: 9781635423297
Preis D/A: 26,00 € / 26,80

This compelling survey examines the remarkable relationship between the Nazis and classical music through the stories of musicians, composers, and conductors across the political spectrum.May 1945. A Soviet military patrol searches Hitler s secret bunker…
McFarlane, Mhairi: Between Us

Verlag: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780008412487
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

Joe and Roisin join friends for a weekend at a country house as Joe’s new crime drama launches on TV. But soon Roisin’s foreboding about her own relationship grows, and when the friends watch the…
Hoyer, Katja: Beyond the Wall

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9780241633502
Preis D/A: 21,80 € / 22,50

In 1990, a country disappeared. When the iron curtain fell, East Germany simply ceased to be. For over forty years, from the ruin of the Second World War to the cusp of a new millennium,…
Selznick, Brian: Big Tree

Verlag: Scholastic US
ISBN: 9781338180633
Altersempfehlung: ab 7 J.
Preis D/A: 33,00 € / 34,00

A mysterious voice has been speaking to Louise in her dreams. She and her brother Merwin are Sycamore seeds, who hope to one day set down roots and become big trees. But when a fire…
Oliver, Jamie: Billy and the Giant Adventure

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9780241596135
Altersempfehlung: von 7 - 11 J.
Preis D/A: 16,70 € / 17,20

One pinch of adventure, a dash of friendship, a sprinkle of mystery and a HUGE spoonful of magic . . . Jamie Oliver, bestselling author and internationally renowned chef, delivers the perfect recipe for a…
McCormick, Robert Mack: Biography of a Phantom

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9781588347343
Preis D/A: 30,00 € / 30,90

The drama of In Cold Blood meets the stylings of a Coen brothers film in this long-lost manuscript from musicologist Robert Mack McCormick, whose research on blues icon Robert Johnson's mysterious life and death became…
Cain, Susan: Bittersweet

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9780241300671
Preis D/A: 14,10 € / 14,50

Cain, Susan: Bittersweet

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780451499790
Preis D/A: 13,00 € / 13,40

Griffiths, Elly: Bleeding Heart Yard

Verlag: Quercus
ISBN: 9781529409970
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

A propulsive new thriller set in London featuring Detective Harbinder Kaur. A murderer hides in plain sight - in the police.
Alter, Adam: Break Free

Verlag: Bonnier Books UK
ISBN: 9781788706209
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

A rare thing: a book that makes you think differently about the way you think - in order to optimise your life, overcome obstacles, and reach your full potential.
Smith, Sam: Build Your Own Futuristic Cities

Verlag: Usborne Publishing
ISBN: 9781803700755
Altersempfehlung: ab 5 J.
Reihenname: Build Your Own Sticker Book
Preis D/A: 9,00 € / 9,30

Jones, Gayl: Butter

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780807030011
Preis D/A: 24,90 € / 25,60

A wide-ranging collection, including two novellas and ten stories exploring complex identities, from the acclaimed author of Corregidora, The Healing, and Palmares. Gayl Jones s work represents a watershed in American literature. From a literary…
Coss Aquino, Melissa: Carmen and Grace

Verlag: Head of Zeus
ISBN: 9781837931224
Preis D/A: 21,55 € / 22,20

A female Latinx Godfather drama about two cousins lured into the underground drug trade at a young age and the inextricable ties that bind them, as one woman seeks power and the other seeks a…
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame: Chain Gang All Stars

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780375715402
Preis D/A: 17,00 € / 17,50

Two top women gladiators fight for their freedom within a depraved private prison system not so far-removed from America s own in this explosive, hotly-anticipated debut novel from the New York Times bestselling author of…
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame: Chain-Gang All-Stars

Verlag: Random House UK
ISBN: 9781787303959
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

Enter a world where, watched by millions, prisoners fight like gladiators for the ultimate prize: their freedom. Perfect for fans of The Handmaid's Tale, Squid Game and Watchmen**A MOST ANTICIPATED TITLE OF 2023 from The…
Winslow, Don: City Of Dreams

Verlag: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780008507831
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

Danny Ryan is heading to Hollywood to disrupt a film being made about his involvement in the East Coast crime war. On set, Danny finds himself in a replica of his neighbourhood, and meets Diane…
Winslow, Don: City of Dreams

Verlag: HarperCollins US
ISBN: 9780062851239
Preis D/A: 30,00 € / 30,90

Following the epic, ambitious, instant New York Times bestseller City on Fire, "The Godfather for our generation" (Adrian McKinty), comes the dramatic second novel in an epic crime trilogy from Don Winslow, #1 internationally bestselling…
Winslow, Don: City On Fire

Verlag: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780008538842
Preis D/A: 9,00 € / 9,30

Providence, RI, 1986. Danny Ryan is a hard-working longshoreman, loving husband, and occasional “muscle” for the Irish crime syndicate that oversees the city. He yearns for something more and dreams of starting over fresh, someplace…
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