Theo, Andy Darcy: The Light That Blinds Us

Verlag: Simon & Schuster UK
ISBN: 9781398531772
Altersempfehlung: ab 14 J.
Preis D/A: 13,00 € / 13,40

A compulsive and cinematic debut romantasy for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Tracy Deonn.
Reyes, Sonora: The Luis Ortega Survival Club

Verlag: Faber & Faber, London
ISBN: 9780571374403
Altersempfehlung: ab 12 J.
Preis D/A: 11,70 € / 12,10

Cute Luis starts to pay attention to Ariana and they have sex at a party. While Ari didn't say no, she definitely didn't say yes! It soon becomes clear that Luis has assaulted others, so…
McLeod, Ella: The Map That Led To You

Verlag: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 9780702313851
Altersempfehlung: von 13 - 19 J.
Preis D/A: 11,20 € / 11,50

Sparring, Anders: The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist

Verlag: Bounce Marketing
ISBN: 9781776575671
Altersempfehlung: von 6 - 9 J.
Preis D/A: 11,70 € / 12,10

Jackson, Holly: The Reappearance of Rachel Price

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780593810460
Altersempfehlung: ab 14 J.
Preis D/A: 14,80 € / 15,30

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER  From the author of the multimillion-copy bestselling A Good Girl s Guide to Murder series and Five Survive comes a gripping mystery thriller following one teen s search for the truth…
Tapsell, Micaela|Cope, Lizzie: Think Green Activity Book

Verlag: Usborne Publishing
ISBN: 9781805312277
Altersempfehlung: von 6 - 9 J.
Reihenname: Activity Book
Preis D/A: 8,70 € / 9,00

The activities, puzzles and experiments in this book will show children how people can help the planet. Follow pigeons as they measure air pollution over London. Investigate how far the food in your cupboards actually…
Millett, Peter: This is the Ship that Jack Built

Verlag: Michael O'Mara Publications
ISBN: 9781780559346
Altersempfehlung: bis 5 J.
Preis D/A: 10,40 € / 10,70

A rhyming picture book adventure featuring pirates, treasure, sea creatures and fun.All aboard the ship that Jack built for a rollicking picture book adventure. With a joyful, rhyming text full of super-catchy repeated lines, this…
Todd, Jonathan: Timid: A Graphic Novel

Verlag: Scholastic US
ISBN: 9781338305708
Altersempfehlung: von 8 - 12 J.
Preis D/A: 16,00 € / 16,50

Hoffmann, Alice: What I Had for Dinner

Verlag: Simon & Schuster US
ISBN: 9780966438864
Altersempfehlung: von 1 - 4 J.
Preis D/A: 23,40 € / 24,10

A captivating lift-the-flap board book that explores the diverse diets of various animals throughout various ecosystems. Prea the Pangolin likes to have ants and termites for dinner. Briana the Butterfly feeds on nectar and love.…