Weiss-Tuider, Katharina: Mission: Arctic

Verlag: Greystone Kids
ISBN: 9781771649568
Altersempfehlung: von 9 - 14 J.
Preis D/A: 21,80 € / 22,50

For kids 8 to 13, join the largest Arctic expedition ever undertaken-and discover the secrets hidden deep in the ice that reveal how one of the world's crucial ecosystems is changing.The Arctic is changing-fast. The…
Wohlleben, Peter: What’s Wild Outside Your Door?

Verlag: Greystone Kids
ISBN: 9781771648950
Altersempfehlung: von 8 - 12 J.
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees and Can You Hear the Trees Talking? comes a guide to finding nature in the city for kids 8-12. Features STEM activities,…