Trott, Dave: Crossover Creativity

Verlag: Harriman House
ISBN: 9780857199881
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

Ideas don't come from nothing. They come from what is already inside people's brains.And so it's not true to say that people have ideas. In fact, ideas have people.
Pompliano, Polina Marinova: Hidden Genius

Verlag: Harriman House
ISBN: 9781804090039
Preis D/A: 29,50 € / 30,40

What distinguishes the great from the truly exceptional? After five years of writing The Profile, Polina Marinova Pompliano has studied hundreds of successful and interesting people in the world and examined how they reason their…
Taylor, Amanda: Inspirational Investing 2023

Verlag: Harriman House
ISBN: 9781804090220
Preis D/A: 24,40 € / 25,10

Learn from some of the most successful women in finance as they share practical advice, combined with real-life journeys from people who have achieved investment success.
Clements, Jonathan: My Money Journey

Verlag: Harriman House
ISBN: 9780857199867
Preis D/A: 23,10 € / 23,80

Getting to financial independence can seem like an impossible journey, but there are proven routes to freedom and wealth. To help you make your own way to true and lasting financial independence, acclaimed personal finance…
Shotton, Richard: The Illusion of Choice

Verlag: Harriman House
ISBN: 9780857199744
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

Every day we make hundreds of choices. These choices might feel like they are freely made, but psychologists have shown that subtle changes in the way the products are positioned can radically change how customers…