Gribbin, John: Eight Improbable Possibilities

Verlag: Icon Books
ISBN: 9781785789793
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

In this sequel to the hugely popular Six Impossible Things and Seven Pillars of Science, popular science master John Gribbin leads readers on a mind-warping excursion into some of the most wildly improbable truths of…
May, Andrew: The Science of Music

Verlag: Icon Books
ISBN: 9781785789915
Reihenname: Hot Science
Preis D/A: 14,10 € / 14,60

From Pythagoras to the Moog synthesiser in this new Hot Science edition, Andrew May traces how important science is in all aspects of music. From acoustic science and sound waves to algorithmic rules and to…