Scanlan, Kathryn: Kick the Latch

Verlag: Swift Press
ISBN: 9781914198250
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

Based on transcribed interviews with a former racehorse trainer from Iowa, this is fiction that investigates form, authenticity and speech. A patient and attentive exercise in radical listening, whittled, shaped and reimagined to tell the…
Kuku, Damilare: Nearly All the Men in Lagos Are Mad

Verlag: Swift Press
ISBN: 9781800751934
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

Nearly All the Men in Lagos Are Mad underscores with wit, humour, wisdom and sensitivity, the perils of trying to find lasting love and companionship in Africas most notorious city. "Kukus stories are delectable and…
Hancock, Anne Mette: The Corpse Flower

Verlag: Swift Press
ISBN: 9781800750951
Reihenname: Kalden & Schafer
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

Journalist Heloise Kaldan is in the middle of a nightmare. She has received the first in a series of cryptic letters from the alleged killer, Anna Kiel, who is wanted for murder but hasn't been…