Morin, Amy: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do Workbook

Verlag: HarperCollins US
ISBN: 9780063252233
Preis D/A: 20,00 € / 20,60

Expanding on her international bestseller 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, author and psychotherapist Amy Morin introduces the official companion workbook for readers seeking simple yet effective solutions for increasing mental strength and finding…
Mcdermid, Val: 1989

Verlag: Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 9780751583137
Reihenname: Allie Burns
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

The second pulse-racing thriller in the era-defining, #1 bestselling Allie Burns series
Sperring, Mark: 20 Bunnies at Bedtime

Verlag: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 9780702314766
Altersempfehlung: von 3 - 6 J.
Preis D/A: 9,00 € / 9,30

With hopping, jumping and leaping bunnies on every page, and a fun story showing children how to count from one to twenty, this cute and cuddly counting book is set to become every child's new…
Patterson, James: 3 Days to Live

Verlag: Random House UK
ISBN: 9781529158533
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

A collection of three gripping new stories from the world's bestselling thriller writer3 DAYS TO LIVEA CIA-agent bride is on her European honeymoon when she and her husband are poisoned - leaving her seventy-two hours…
Harvey, David: A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse

Verlag: Verso
ISBN: 9781804290989
Preis D/A: 25,70 € / 26,50

David Harvey tackles Marx's notebooks that have spawned wide-ranging and raging controversies
Barfield, Mike: A Day in the Life of an Astronaut, Mars and the Distant Stars

Verlag: Michael O'Mara Publications
ISBN: 9781780557441
Altersempfehlung: von 9 - 11 J.
Reihenname: A Day in the Life
Preis D/A: 14,10 € / 14,50

Journey through outer space with the latest non-fiction comic collection from Mike Barfield and Jess Bradley's award-winning series.§§Mike Barfield and Jess Bradley team up once again to give you a taste of a day in…
Shannon, Samantha: A Day of Fallen Night

Verlag: Bloomsbury Trade
ISBN: 9781526619761
Reihenname: Königin von Inys / The Roots of Chaos
Preis D/A: 20,15 € / 20,80


Verlag: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 9780702317880
Altersempfehlung: von 12 - 18 J.
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

When sixteen-year-old Asha Kennedy discovers her older sister Maya's dead body in their home, her world falls apart. Desperate for answers, and to stay out of the hands of the social services she grew up…
Firth-Godbehere, Richard: A Human History Of Emotion

Verlag: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780008393793
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

How have our emotions shaped the course of human history? Drawing on psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, art and religious history, this fascinating study vividly illustrates how our understanding and experience of emotions has changed over time,…
Malkiel, Burton G.: A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Verlag: Norton
ISBN: 9781324051138
Preis D/A: 32,10 € / 33,00

One of the "few great investment books" ever written, with 2 million copies in print.
Maxson, Brian J.: A Short History of Florence and the Florentine Republic

Verlag: Bloomsbury Trade
ISBN: 9781788314893
Reihenname: Short Histories
Preis D/A: 20,15 € / 20,80

Tidd, Natasha: A Short History of the World in 50 Lies

Verlag: Michael O'Mara Publications
ISBN: 9781789294606
Reihenname: A Short History of the World
Preis D/A: 16,70 € / 17,20

A Short History of the World in 50 Lies provides an alternative perspective on history as we know it through fifty of the greatest lies ever told.§§Providing a fascinating alternative perspective on history, this book…
Wasserstein, Bernard: A Small Town in Ukraine

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9780241632703
Preis D/A: 21,80 € / 22,50

'A fine and deeply affecting work of history and memoir' Philippe SandsDecades ago, the historian Bernard Wasserstein set out to uncover the hidden past of the town forty miles west of Lviv where his family…
Adebayo, Ayobami: A Spell of Good Things

Verlag: Canongate Books
ISBN: 9781838856052
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

Featured in Stylist's best fiction of 2023Ayòbámi Adébáyò, the Women's Prize shortlisted author of Stay With Me, unveils a dazzling story of modern Nigeria and two families caught in the riptides of wealth, power, romantic…
Stamper, Phil: Afterglow

Verlag: Bloomsbury Trade
ISBN: 9781526653307
Altersempfehlung: ab 12 J.
Reihenname: Golden Boys
Preis D/A: 12,10 € / 12,50

Willingham, Stacy: All The Dangerous Things

Verlag: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780008454500
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

It’s been a year since Isabelle Drake’s son, Mason, disappeared from his bedroom. Everyone else has moved on, but she can’t rest until she knows the truth. Teaming up with true crime podcaster Waylon Spencer,…
Rovelli, Carlo: Anaximander

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9780241635049
Preis D/A: 21,80 € / 22,50

'Anaximander is a delight and so is this book'James McConnachie, Sunday TimesNow widely available in English for the first time, this is Carlo Rovelli's first book: the thrilling story of a little-known man who created…
Ashton, Catherine: And Then What?

Verlag: Simon & Schuster UK
ISBN: 9781783966349
Preis D/A: 25,70 € / 26,50

So much of modern-day diplomacy still takes place behind closed doors, away from cameras and prying eyes. So what does this vital role really look like in today's world -and what does it take to…
Roth, Veronica: Arch-Conspirator

Verlag: Titan Books
ISBN: 9781803363578
Preis D/A: 16,70 € / 17,20

A brand-new novella from the New York Times bestseller of DivergentA thrilling, profoundly moving science fiction retelling of the Greek tragedy Antigone filled with inevitable doom, heart-break and one final act of courage. Outside the…
Graaf, Reinier de: architect, verb.

Verlag: Verso
ISBN: 9781839761911
Preis D/A: 21,80 € / 22,50

The Hidden Rules of Architecture: how to build world-class, award winning, creative, innovative, sustainable, liveable and beautiful spaces that foster a sense of place and well being
Jameson, Hanna: Are You Happy Now

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9780241515082
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

Adler, Dahlia|Deonn, Tracy|Albert, Melissa|Faizal, Hafsah|Power, Rory: At Midnight: 15 Beloved Fairy Tales Reimagined

Verlag: Titan Books
ISBN: 9781803363233
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

A dazzling collection of retold and original fairy tales from fifteen acclaimed and bestselling YA writers, including Tracey Deonn and Melissa Albert. Fairy tales have been spun for thousands of years and remain among our…
Beagin, Jen: Big Swiss

Verlag: Faber & Faber, London
ISBN: 9780571378562
Preis D/A: 16,70 € / 17,20

This offbeat novel combines the heart and wit of Sorrow and Bliss with the joy and touch of surrealism in Schitts Creek. It is the funniest book you will read in 2023
Beagin, Jen: Big Swiss

Verlag: Simon & Schuster US
ISBN: 9781668022733
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

National Bestseller A brilliantly original and funny novel about a sex therapist's transcriptionist who falls in love with a client while listening to her sessions. When they accidentally meet in real life, an explosive affair…
Cooke, Lucy: Bitch

Verlag: Random House UK
ISBN: 9781804990919
Preis D/A: 14,10 € / 14,50

'A dazzling, funny and elegantly angry demolition of our preconceptions about female behaviour and sex in the animal kingdom ... Bitch is a blast. I read it, my jaw sagging in astonishment, jotting down favourite…
Wilkerson, Charmaine: Black Cake

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9781405950084
Preis D/A: 11,50 € / 11,90

THE INSTANT NO. 2 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER**Featured on Barack Obama's Summer Reading List****Soon to be a major Hulu series by Oprah Winfrey, Aaron Kaplan and Marissa Jo Cerar***A Grazia Instagram 'IT' book to watch…
Jones, Andy: Bob vs the Selfie Zombies

Verlag: Bonnier Books UK
ISBN: 9781800783485
Altersempfehlung: von 8 - 12 J.
Preis D/A: 10,30 € / 10,60

Fowler, Karen Joy: BOOTH

Verlag: Profile Books
ISBN: 9781788168649
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

The major new novel from million-copy bestselling author of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
Higgins, Matt: Burn the Boats

Verlag: HarperCollins US
ISBN: 9780063088863
Preis D/A: 30,00 € / 30,90

Executive fellow at Harvard Business School, Guest Shark on Shark Tank, and famed angel investor Matt Higgins reveals the counterintuitive formula for a life of perpetual growth that has been practiced for thousands of years…
Wilkerson, Isabel: Caste

Verlag: Penguin Books UK
ISBN: 9780141995465
Preis D/A: 16,70 € / 17,20

THE TIME NONFICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR | #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER"Powerful and timely ... I cannot recommend it strongly enough" - Barack ObamaFrom one of America's most celebrated and insightful writers, the moving,…
Caught Creating Ltd: Caught Snackin‘

Verlag: Octopus Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780600637561
Preis D/A: 25,70 € / 26,50

The debut cookbook from the UK's fastest growing TikTok channel, @CaughtSnackin
Stone, Nic: Chaos Theory

Verlag: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780593644225
Altersempfehlung: ab 14 J.
Preis D/A: 11,00 € / 11,30

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dear Martin delivers a gripping romance about two teens: a certified genius living with a diagnosed mental disorder and a politician's son who is running from his…
Slade, Barbara: Cinder and Ella

Verlag: Bounce Marketing
ISBN: 9781913339470
Altersempfehlung: ab 5 J.
Preis D/A: 16,70 € / 17,20

Mellors, Coco: Cleopatra And Frankenstein

Verlag: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780008421793
Preis D/A: 12,80 € / 13,20

New York is slipping from Cleo’s grasp. But then she meets Frank. Twenty years older, Frank's life is full of the success and excess that Cleo's lacks. Cleo and Frank run head-first into a romance…
King, Vex: Closer to Love

Verlag: Macmillan Publishers International
ISBN: 9781529087857
Altersempfehlung: ab 18 J.
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

Take charge of your relationships with this transformative offering from Sunday Times bestseller Vex King.
Jenoff, Pam: Code Name Sapphire

Verlag: HarperCollins US
ISBN: 9780778387091
Preis D/A: 18,00 € / 18,50

Rose, Karen: Cold Blooded Liar

Verlag: Headline
ISBN: 9781472296825
Reihenname: The San Diego Case Files
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

The first installment of the new San Diego Case Files series from Sunday Times bestselling author Karen Rose.
Sandgren, Lydia: Collected Works

Verlag: Pushkin Press
ISBN: 9781782279945
Preis D/A: 19,20 € / 19,80

Martin Berg is slowly falling into crisis. Decades ago, he was an aspiring writer who'd almost finished his novel, his girlfriend was the shockingly intelligent and beautiful Cecilia Wickner, and his best friend was the…
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