Santorella, Tony: Bored Gay Werewolf

Verlag: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781838957025
Preis D/A: 13,00 € / 13,40

Scooby Doo with Grindr or Stranger Things with sex and ennui, a directionless college-dropout deals with sexuality, minimum-wage jobs, lunar cycles, toxic masculinity and the everyday perils of life as a modern werewolf.
Mukherjee, Neel: Choice

Verlag: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781805461043
Preis D/A: 19,60 € / 20,20

From Booker-shortlisted author Neel Mukherjee, a devastating new novel that exposes the myths of individual choice. How have we come to live this way? At what cost? Who pays the price?
Austin, Emily: Interesting Facts About Space

Verlag: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781805460855
Preis D/A: 17,00 € / 17,50

A warm, witty and wise novel for anyone who has ever worried that they might be a terrible person, from the author of Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead.
Cravens, Claudia: Lucky Red

Verlag: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781838956769
Preis D/A: 13,00 € / 13,40

A feminist coming-of-age story from a debut author - playful, feminist historical fiction for readers of Sarah Waters, Charles Portis and Anna North
Miles, Jonathan: Once Upon a Time World

Verlag: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781838953430
Preis D/A: 16,10 € / 16,60

Chronicling 200 years of glamour, hedonism and crime, this rich and vivid history of the French Riviera features a vast cast of famous characters.
Shroff, Parini: The Bandit Queens

Verlag: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781838957179
Preis D/A: 13,00 € / 13,40

For Geeta, life as a widow is more peaceful than life as a wife... Until the other women in her village decide they want to be widows, too.
Verghese, Abraham: The Covenant of Water

Verlag: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781804710456
Preis D/A: 14,30 € / 14,70

From the New York Times-bestselling author of Cutting for Stone comes a stunning and magisterial new epic of love, faith and medicine, set in Kerala, South India.
Guns, Priya: Your Driver Is Waiting

Verlag: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781838954284
Preis D/A: 13,00 € / 13,40

An electrifying battle cry against the gig economy; a fierce debut on love, privilege, anger and revenge in all their messy forms from a blazing, unstoppable debut talent.