Hofstede, Bregje: In Search of Sleep

Verlag: Greystone Books
ISBN: 9781778400162
Preis D/A: 21,80 € / 22,50

"Bregje Hofstede is an extraordinary writer."-Rutger Bregmans, author of Utopia for Realists and Humankind: A Hopeful HistoryJenny Odell's How to Do Nothing meets Matthew Walker's Why We Sleep in this fascinating deep-dive into the science…
Wohlleben, Peter: The Power of Trees

Verlag: Greystone Books
ISBN: 9781771647748
Preis D/A: 42,30 € / 43,50

From the international bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees An illuminating manifesto on ancient forests: how they adapt to climate change by passing their wisdom through generations, and why our future lies in…